Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Mini Lesson in Husky Body Language

Here is a picture of a cyber pen pal of mine, a pretty, bi-eyed girl Husky named Indigo - hey, great name! Do your humans ever call you Indy as a nickname (hint hint)? Isn't she pretty?
When I am super excited, like when we first start off on a walk, or when one of my humans is driving me to school, my ears are pinned back like that too. Mommy and daddy joke and say that the more excited I get, the closer together the tips of my ears get, until they are almost touching at the back of my head. So, based on the angle of Indigo's ears in this photo, and the fact that her eyes are wide and her whiskers are sticking out at the sides, I would say that she is very excited here.

This has been one of Indy's Useful Husky Tips of the Day.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tip Indy. If I ever see a Husky with its ears back, I'll defintely watch out 'cuz I'm a delicate, beautiful kitty cat.