Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tips for an Effective Temper Tantrum (or, Things Every Husky Should Already Know)

I forgot to mention that on Monday morning when my mommy brought her suitcase into the living room and started packing, I threw a very short but effective temper tantrum.

My mommy had started getting a bunch of things out of the bathroom, and started putting clothes and other things in there. Suddenly I realized that she was planning to not only leave, and stay away overnight!. I was furious! How dare she think that she could stay away from me? It was a small suitcase, so my Husky senses told me that she wouldn't be away for too long, but hey, she never ran this by me! And I am the one who matters here! Why doesn't everybody get that???

So I saw her packing and an idea formed. I remembered how last week when I rubbed my face on the ficus plant mommy felt sorry for me and rubbed my eyes and hugged me and fussed over me. I decided that if she was going to leave, she was going to feel bad about it! I got up, walked out of my cage, looked right at her, and bumped the ficus plant with my head really hard. I thought that would show her!

But for some reason, she and daddy looked at each other, then turned away and covered their mouths. I heard Mommy say "Did you see that?" and Daddy said "Uh huh. He's pissed at you!". So...I'm not sure how bad it made her feel, but it made an impresson!

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