Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Poo, Part II

This morning when Mommy and I were on our way out, we stopped at my potty spot. I did my thing, and Mommy watched very intently as I went number two. Geez! A little privacy please?

Anyway, I didn't have runny poo today! Mommy was very excited, she jumped up and down and clapped her hands and said "Oh good boy! Good boy!" as if I just decided to make normal poo today instead of runny poo. Humans! When mommy dropped me off at school, she told the ladies at school about my poo, and they were very happy to hear it and said "Oh good! That's great!" Geez, I had runny poops for a couple of months...it's not like I almost died! Humans are so silly.

How Evil Are You?

I found this cool quiz on Oreo the Cat's blog. This quiz measures how truly eeevil you are!

Here is what the quiz said:

Raw evil score: 26.67%

As you can see, I am a perfect angel. If evil things happen when I'm around, it's an accident or a coincidence!


  1. Hi IndyPindy,
    I'm glad that your poop is more to your Mom's liking (that doesn't sound quite right, does it?). I hope that you start liking your special food real soon. I'm only accidentally evil. For a fierce she-cat, I think that's kind of an insult.

  2. HEHEEHE ME too, Me too! Maybe we do have something in common! (Beau thought we were really being mean to each other & got upset over on my blog!)

  3. Oh & my Dad told my Mom it's pretty cool that a famous woofie linked to me, so, OK, yeah, it is!