Monday, September 19, 2005

Fasting Sucks, Part II

So today I could eat NOTHING all day. Nothing. Well, mom did give me my medicine mixed in to a tablespoon of canned pumpkin this morning. But other than that, I had nothing! As the day wore on I grew listless and weak from lack of nourishment...I barely managed to hang on until 5 o' clock!

Here you can see how I am simply wasting away.

Growing exhausted from hunger...

THEN at five o'clock, my mother did the meanest thing. She put exactly 1 cup of this new prescription food that the vet gave us on Saturday in my bowl - and that was it! Then she expected me to EAT it! I just stared out the window. Mom said "Crunchy crunchy! Eat your dinner!"

I just stared out the window.

Mom actually had the audacity to open my mouth and put a piece of kibble in my mouth!

I munched on a few peices only to sustain myself. Then I laid down facing the front door with my back to both of the humans.

Do you think I made my feelings about this treatment clear?

On a happier note, my poo was much better today. I hope it stays that way...I don't know how I can survive more fasting!


  1. Hi, Indy...

    You seem very nice for a dog. We would probably be scared of you if we met you though since we are poodies. Mom said you are gorgeous. We hope you feel better soon! Not having your good food & treats sound horrible.

  2. Please don't take it personally that Oreo doesn't like you. He dislikes all woofies. & he's rude! Thanks for coming to visit!

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Booker says:

    Indy - keep it up. Once the fasting is over and your poo is solid it will be fine. You will also have less gass. Smelly Fritz has gas all the tim

  4. Hi Booker,
    Yes, it will be nice when the gas is gone. Lord knows the humans just LoVE to go on and on and on about it whenever you let a fart slip, not as if you could help it! Don't be too hard on poor Fritz!

  5. Meow and woof woof! We like your site...good luck with that food thing...I am overweight and have been banned from my dry food, but I still get wet food--yuck.

    Blackie from the Toasty South! =^..^=

  6. My Mom put a link to you on my site & then she made me tell people about it... hhhiiissssss.