Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Voted!

My buddy Cody made me this cool "I Voted" logo since I voted for him in the this photo contest. Rock the vote!


  1. Wow, very cool hat Indy! I was reading the other post about the food allergies, you know what? I think that most of the food available these days is not good for a dog to eat long term. It's got all kinds of stuff in it that our wolf ancestors probably would have developed reactions to eventually. Right now, I just eat venison and potatos and my allergies cleared right up. I think it's called IVD brand, but it doesn't have anything else in there and the meat hasn't been injected with growth hormones and all those other chemicals humans pump into chickens and cows to make them have more meat on them.

    Great blog, type ya later!


  2. Hi Cal,
    Wow, that is exactly the same food the vet just gave me yesterday, IVD venison and potato limited ingredient formula kibble. Yesterday I wasn't too crazy about it. But after I fast for 24 hours, I'll be glad to have it!

  3. Hi, I saw you on one of my friends blogs & thought I'd come see you. I am not impressed, & now a word from my MOm...
    Oh, you are sssooo cute & I love huskys & if I had a dog that's what he would be. Please excuse my cat as he is VERY rude!

  4. Just thought I'd let you know my MOM linked to you on MY blog. Witch. Hope that's ok. If not she'll take you off.