Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saint Bernard Sheriff Admits to Shooting Dogs

This is from yesterday's Chicago Tribune:(clck on title to read the full article):
"Although the Humane Society of the United States reported 2,500 animal rescues as of Friday, time is clearly running out, said Wayne Pacelle, the society's president.
"There is quite a drama unfolding," Pacelle said Friday. He had heard of animals being shot and said that while there is an order in St. Bernard Parish to kill any dog maiming or defacing a human corpse, he has heard of local authorities shooting when that is not the case.
"We have room for the dogs. There is no need for it," Pacelle said. "They are scared. They are hungry. But they are alive."
But that will not be the case in a few more days, he said.
Pacelle said it is imperative that all government responders--the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, police, firefighters and and others--assist in capturing the animals and bringing them to a shelter."
The Dallas Morning News ran this video and has it on their web site. Warning - this video is upsetting to watch, although it does not show animals being harmed, Mike Minton does admit to shooting dogs.
This page
lists the contact information for the Louisiana Sheriff's Association.
Sheriff - Jack Stephens #2 Courthouse Square Chalmette, Louisiana 70043 (504)271-2504
    You can also send complaints to the White House at:
  • 202-456-1111
  • Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  • FAX:202-456-2461
  • Email letters to President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney here.
Please forward this information to animal lovers you know! Grrrrr, this makes me and my mommy so angry!


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    dog with wagging tail running up to pick-up, "bang" , dog now lying on ground behind pick-up with just slight movement - just what do you mean by "doesn't show animals being harmed"???

  2. I mean that you did not see a dog getting shot. You saw a dog running, then you saw a dog lying down. I'm sorry you were upset, but I did warn you, and the dog actually being shot was not on the tape. I know this tape is upsetting, but I decided that it was important that people know what is happening, so I warned people about the upsetting subject matter.