Monday, October 10, 2005

Another Reminder About Doggie First Aid

Mommy talked to another dog owner at her work today that didn't know that you could give doggies hydrogen peroxide to make them regurgitate dangerous things that they have eaten. So just as a reminder, here is a link to a post my mom put on my blog while I was sick. It's a nice list of items to keep on hand in case you have a first aid emergency with your pet. Always remember to call the ASPCA Poison Control number first:(888)426-4435. There is a $50 charge for this non-profit service, but it is well worth it. The veterinary staff that provides this information is specifically trained to handle animal poisoning emergencies, and almost all vets now will refer you to the ASPCA Poison Control hotline first.

The ASPCA will ask about what your pet ingested or was exposed to, and ask some questions about your pet's age, health, weight, etc. They will then consult with a veterinarian and give you instructions, so make sure you have some first aid supplies available. It could save your pet's life!

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  1. i had not heard of the peroxide thing, but i will be sure to pass it on (as wwell as this whole site) to my mom, she would love info like this.
    i am not one of those evil comment spammer people, but you might like her site, she has lots of pics of her pooch, Jengibre.
    She has been blogging for about 2 months now, and im always encouraging people to see how great she is doing at it!