Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Am Recovering Nicely

I had a great time at my Grandma's. I chased the kitty and she chased me. Since I ate some of her food I let her have some of mine...I figured it was only fair.

Then my grandma was babysitting two of her friend's little girls. They made cookies and colored with Grandma, but the little one, Samantha, who is four years old, really likes to play with me. She's not afraid of me at all, even though she is right on my eye level. She chased me and I chased her and she just giggled and laughed. I tried to get her to give me some cookie dough, but Grandma had already told her not to...darn it! Then mom and dad picked me up and took me home and I cuddled with mommy and she gave me a tummy rub. I am feeling like my old self, back to normal.


  1. Thanks for your nice comments, Indy! I wish I was actually rescuing dogs. I volunteered with a Lhasa/Shih Tzu rescue a few years ago -- and I flunked Fostering 101 and gave a home to one of the dogs, but now all my rescue efforts are online. I'll have to come back and read about your adventures when I have more time. I LOVE your audio post. I wish my Shih Tzus were half as talented as you are, Indy!

  2. And you're so cute too! Glad you're feeling better.

  3. I came to visit you from Willow ans Stella's blog. It's nice to have grandma's. I like to visit mine too. Dey are nice and take me for boat rides. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I bet Mom and Dad had fun at the Paul McCarteny concert too!!!!!;)

  4. It's such great news that you're all better now. Don't worry, our humans love us and though they sometimes do things we don't comprehend, I'm sure it's for the good of all us canines.

    Thanks for visiting me too! I'll be sure to re-visit you often.

    Take care!

  5. Good to hear that u are recovering & feeling better already.. :)