Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend at Grandma's

Hey everyone - I'm secretly posting to my blog from my Grandma's house. Mom took me to Grandma's yesterday afternoon. Mom said that she and daddy were going to the Paul McCartney concert (apparently they did not buy me a ticket!) and that I was going to spend the night at my Grandma's house and play with the kitty. Sounds like fun to me!

Also, maybe I could get more sympathy out of Grandma since my brush with and dad are very happy and relieved that I am okay, but they are still not giving me bacon or anything else from the table...sheesh! What do I have to do to get a little table scrap? Daddy said "Oh, that's the last thing YOU need...bacon! That would have you spraypainting for a week!" I am not sure what that means...I don't paint...

Well, unfortunately, mom brought over my vet formula foods and my approved snacks...peanut butter and baby bananas, and told Grandma that I was not to have any other kind of snack AT ALL. Grandma tried...she even put the kitty's food on a window sill in my Uncle Joey's room. As if that would be enough to stop me! No siree, I used my Husky problem solving skills to climb up on the bed and reach the window sill that way. Grandma came in just as I finished the last of the kitty food, and said "INDY! What did you do? Did you eat the kitty food?" and I looked at her with my most innocent face...and belched. Well...I guess I'm busted for that.

I'm off to chase the kitty and run in the yard. And hopefully to poop out the last of this does NOT feel good coming out! Mom said I was pooping briquettes...not sure what that means either...

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