Saturday, October 08, 2005

Goodbye Sammy

My mom and I saw this the other day, and we are both sad because we will miss reading his posts, and his wonderful outlook on life, despite everything he had been through. Mom says that Sam is now free from the problems that his physical body had, so he is better off. He can walk and run and move freely, and he will never have to go to the hospital again.

Mom and I send many hugs to Cynthia, Sammy's mom. Mom said that Cynthia earned her angel's wings, because many people don't want a "special needs" dog, and it takes someone really special to see the beauty and love that a special needs dog can give, and to realize that they can teach us a lot.

We'll miss you Sammy, but we're happy for you. I only found your blog about two months ago, but you were a great blog friend and you were a lot of fun! Eat all the bananas you want!


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Awwww IndyPindy. Thanks for writing a post about my dear Sammy on your blog. He was the bestest of the best and I miss him terribly.

    Cynthia the pet guardian of
    Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog.

  2. Indy, I didn't know Sammy, but I have had many special needs pets that no one else wanted, and their's is a bond and a love like no other.