Friday, October 28, 2005

Big Surprise! Dogs Are Smarter Than Humans Thought!

So this "ethologist", whatever that is, says that dogs are much smarter than people previously realized. Well, DUH!

My mom and the other people in the Husky rescue are not surprised. After all, we're not just dogs, we're Siberian Huskies! We're not your average dog! We can open doors, fridges, Tupperware, prescription bottles, backpacks, Ziploc bags, the doors to our crates, gate latches, etc.

This study also mentions that dogs love to, and are very good at, imitating people. Well, how do they think I learned how to say "hello" and "I love you"? I heard my mommy do it! When I was a puppy, she was in the shower and her cell phone rang. I picked up the cell phone and put it down in front of the bathroom, and even pulled out the antenna for her. Mom couldn't believe it!

No world...we're not just pretty faces!

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  1. You tell them Indy! You're a VERY smart dog! (And cats are smart too.)

  2. Indy,

    Of course we're smart. We have to be with all our thought transfers going to our humans' brains. 'It's time to eat.' 'It's time for walkies.' 'Where's my treat?' So on and so on.



    P.S. How do we get our calendar pictures to you? If that is where they should go. Thanks.

  3. That's right, Indy! A couple days ago mom was in the bedroom and asked me, "Where's your food?" I walked into the kitchen, showed her my empty bowl and said, "Yeah, WHERE IS my food?!"

    I can say I love you too, but am still working on the pronunciation. The L sound is a challenge for me.

  4. Oh Indy! You ARE so very talented and I'll tell you a secret. Even though I'm human, I have to agree that a lot of kids just like you are smarter than a lot of humans.
    For one, you can give unconditional love, which many humans have a problem with.
    Shasta can say 'Mom'. She has perfected it so well, that when I'm on the phone and she calls me, my friends think I have one of my grand kids over. She fools them every time.
    And yes, you and Shasta most definitely can do things that us humans can't believe. I had to buy Shasta her own purse as when ever I left, she rummaged through it knowing I always keep some treats in there. How she opens the zip lock without tearing it is beyond me.
    Without you wonderful kids, our lives would be so dull.