Saturday, October 22, 2005

Featured Pet From

Well, since there are so many dogs around there that need homes, I have added a very cool feature to my blog - it's the Featured Pet Module, you can see it in the sidebar of my blog. It's kind of like a slideshow of dogs in Maryland that need homes. You can configure your own and choose the font color, choose a state or show pets from all states, and choose a type of pet or show all pets. Pretty neat, huh?

If you have a web site or blog, you can also link to Petfinder, click here to choose a logo to use as a link.

My mom found a really cool site today called the Animal Rescue Site. You can click and help to feed homeless animals in shelters, get lots of neat information, contribute to help animals affected by Katrina, and shop their online store. Their online store has REALLY neat, unusual things from all over the world, and each purchase helps to feed animals in shelters. Mom bought some purple "Paws for a Cause" bracelets, a soapstone heart with pawprints on it that is a paperweight, and a purple pawprint keychain. That way people will ask about the bracelets, the paperweight and the keychain and mom can tell them about The Animal Rescue Site. Mom says the guy she shares an office with at work will never stop calling her "Crazy Dog Lady" now, but she doesn't care. She says it sounds better than "Crazy Cat Lady", and I agree!

They have a lot of beautiful artwork, jewelry, pet supplies, clothing, books, etc. It's a great way to do your holiday shopping and feel good about it!

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  1. Hi Indy,

    Here is what your mom needs to do to put a scrolling marquee, like ours, on your blog.

    First, here's the code:

    * marquee width="100%" height="20" behaviour="scroll" direction="left" loop="infinite" bgcolor="cc99ff" align="left" font="bold" ** REMOVE THIS MESSAGE AND PLACE YOUR CONTENT HERE */marquee**

    Just replace * with < and ** with > (I had to do that to get it to work here), and paste in the dog quotes or whatever you want to say inside the marquee tags.

    You can modify the code however you want, like changing the background color code to something different (since you probably don't want the pale purple I used).

    And be sure to add the code to your template somewhere where it can scroll across the entire page (unless you add code to change the width of the marquee to fit in your sidebar or somewhere like that). I have mine just under the "Header" section in my template.

    Good luck!!! We'll be back later to check it out. :-)

    - Laura, LD Willow, & Stella

  2. I loveeeeeeee Husky's!! I used to have one in another life :)

    Hi from Michele!

  3. Your 'Featured Pet Module' is not only cool - it's also so very nice of you! Wtg!

    Enjoyed the link to 'the Animal Rescue Site'. Really some great stuff that helps those homeless animals. Thanks for sharing!

    Take care!

  4. INDY!,
    And just what is wrong with crazy CAT lady???????

  5. Sorry Oreo, meant no offense! Mom said that when people hear "Crazy Cat Lady", they think of little old ladies who live alone and have 15 or 20 cats. That's too many. But there is nothing wrong with being crazy about cats!