Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Injustice of Sunday Morning Sleep-ins and Big Breakfasts

Fellow dogs, cats and other pets, have you noticed that our humans have this strange tradition that they like to follow in weekend mornings, especially Sunday mornings?My mother slept until....get this....ten 'o clock today!

So of course I have to wait to get my walk until she gets up. Now, to be fair, she did take me out to the potty spot late last night, so it wasn't urgent. And yes, I was also sleeping on my bed, curled up very comfily, but STILL. The POINT is that I had to WAIT for my morning walk. I should never have to wait! None of us should have to wait for our walks, play sessions, treats, food - or anything we want for that matter!

It gets worse. Yes, we went on a nice walk, and I saw lots of other doggies. It's as if everyone in our neighborhood decided to sleep late, get up, and walk their dogs all at the same time. Is this some wierd ritual that they haven't explained to us? Even stranger, the other doggies didn't want to talk to me. I stopped and looked at them, and wagged my tail, but none of them looked back at me. Kind of snobby!

So now mom is cooking breakfast. Which means, of course, her breakfast. I get kibble. Yaaaaaay.

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1 comment:

  1. We know what you mean! Sunday, our humans woke up at 2pm! Utter cruelty!!

    Sometimes I bump into snobby doggies too, but some are grumpy like my bro Mark, so their humans keep their distance.

    Let's close our eyes and imagine our kibble is that strip of bacon, slab of meat we see on their plates. :(

    Take care!