Saturday, October 15, 2005

Husky at Montgomery County Maryland Humane Society

My mommy just got this info from Tails of the Tundra:
We got a call from the Montgomery County (MD) Humane Society in Rockville. They have an urgent male Siberian Husky who came in as a stray on October 5th. His stray time will be up tomorrow or Wednesday. He is about two years old, unneutered, all white, one brown and one blue eye, about 55 pounds.

He looks scared in this picture, but animal shelters can be scary for the poor animals who are staying there. He is pure white and has one blue eye and one brown eye. When he gets a bath and someone to love him he will be beautiful.

Mommy checked and he is still on their web site's list of adoptable dogs today. If you are interested in fostering him for the Humane Society or adopting him, please contact them at (240) 773-5960. Ask for information about animal ID number A287185.


  1. Hi, Indy! Michele sent me. I hope your friend finds a home soon.

  2. OOOOOHHH He"s Beautiful. It's so wonderful that there are people out ther like you,That care .I hope that he can find a good home .
    and someone to love him .

  3. What a beautiful dog, he reminds me of a dog we had while my girls were still at home. We called her RonTuAru (ron too a roo), "Rontu" for short. She was part wolf and very protective.

    I pray this dog finds a home soon!

    As well as putting these homeless dogs on your Blog site you might want to post them and the Tundra site at all your local vets, stores, schools (and colleges) that have bulletin boards, whoever will allow you to post them. Make sure that you fringe the flier at the bottom, that has the picture and info on it. Write the contact phone number on each piece, so that the interested parties can tear a phone number off to take with them if they are interested.

    That is what I used to do when I took in adandoned pets. It just takes the right person to see the right pet meant for them!!!! So the more places you can get their picture and info out to, the better chances of that Dog having a "heavenly home on earth, instead of the nasty alternative!"