Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Grandma and Grandpa Want to Meet Amber

My mommy talked to my Grandma and Grandpa a little while ago, and they want to meet Amber and talk to the lady who was fostering her and ask her some questions about Amber. They might want to foster her. That would be so cool! Then she and I could play together! Keep your fingers crossed everyone!
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  1. I hope Amber finds a home. I love huskies! I have a friend that runs a dog rescue program in northern ontario so i know how hard it can be. good luck! here via micheles

  2. AWESOME!! Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope they can froster her ..

  3. hope that happens! what an exciting prospect - a new playmate! here via michele. :)

  4. You're a very talented pooch!

    Michele sent me!

  5. That's great news! Hope everything works out between all parties.

    Take care.