Sunday, October 16, 2005

Husky Rescue Event At Reisterstown Humane Society

Mommy and I went to a Tails of the Tundra event today at the Reisterstown Humane Society shelter. It's a very nice shelter, in a rural area in Reisterstown. They have lots of land and each dog has their own outdoor run, which is really cool! I got to see my friends Maxx and Cody, Kaya, and Xhindi. Cody is nice except he always tries to hump me and I don't like that. He tried it right away this time and I turned around and yelled at him. Later he came up to me and looked at me, and I looked at him and made a rumbly sound in my throat, to say "Don't do it!" and he didn't. Mom petted him and said "Good boy Cody!" Then he burped really loud!

My mom was giving Xhindi's mom some of the donations for foster homes, and Xhindi jumped into the backseat of our car. His mom told him to get out so he did. Then a few minutes later he jumped right back into the backseat and sat down. His mom was saying "Come out of there!" and pulling on the leash, and he pulled right back. He finally came out. I think he wants to come spend the night at my house and play with me. Mom said we would meet him at the dogpark again soon.

I'm tired, I'm gonna go take a nap now. Yawn....

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Our humans are nice to be with, no doubt, but sometimes running about with friends of our own kind is simply fantastic!

    Good thing you taught Cody some manners. Wtg!

  2. Cool story Indy! I really like your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! Mom and I love huskies!

  3. Indy.
    Sounds like your day was very busy
    and fun .we should all have days like that .Sam I am

  4. Maybe he can come stay with you sometime!! Did anybody get the other doggie who needed a home? That's sad.....

  5. Hi Oreo,

    My mommy just checked the Humane Society's website, and he is still listed. Mommy might call and ask some questions about him, although she and daddy really can't have any foster dogs right now sine we live in a one bedroom condo...but it is sad.

    That's why mommy gets so upset when people get pets without thinking about the long term commitment and think it's easy to just drop them off at a shelter.

  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Indy Xhindy is a Girl Silly.

  7. Whoops! Sorry Xhindi, no offense...then maybe she thinks I'm HOT!

  8. Skye and Riley5:12 PM

    Our Mom was in Reisterstown just recently to go to one of those human wedding things. We went to the kennel, which was not as good as home! Mom says she wishes she knew TOTT was right there, she would have made a visit.

  9. Oh cool, tell your mom to check for theire events calendar. It would be cool to meet you guys!