Monday, October 24, 2005

Important Tip: Humans Hide Medicine in Delicious Treats

Fellow animal bloggers, I come to give you a critical warning: the humans (or Two Legged Ones) hide medicine in delicious treats! My mother wanted to give me something called Immodium because I had really bad runny poops for a week. She said all my food was "going right through me"...well duh...what goes in must come out, right? Anyway, she was worried that I would lose more weight, and the vet said it was okay to give me Immodium. Of course, I didn't want to take it. So mom pretended to put the pill away. Then a few minutes later, she offered me a blob of peanut butter! For no reason! I didn't have to do a trick or anything! I thought Christmas came early or something. I didn't have to take the pill, AND I got peanut butter without having to do a stupid trick first!

Well, if something is too good to be probably is. I heard mommy telling daddy later that she put the pill in the lump of peanut butter. Mom was laughing about how I gobbled the peanut butter up without having any idea that the pill was in it! I was aghast. She had tainted the purity of my sweet peanut butter and robbed me of its joy. How could she? I'll never be able to enjoy another blob of peanut butter without worrying that there might be a PILL in it! (sob)

So be cautious, fellow blogging may find yourselves in the situation below!

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  1. Me Say, the next time lick off the peanut butter and leave the pill behind.

  2. Oh Targie got really good at eating the peanutbutter and spitting out the pill. He accidently bit down on an antibiotic capsule once (he's so big we have to give him 3) and got that nasty taste in his mouth. It was weeks before he would take anything from us. We even tried babyfood!

  3. Thanks for the heads up!

    Bro Mark and I have always been curious as to why we get extra treats whenever we're not feeling well. For a while we thought we were rewarded for it!

    Hmmm, these humans of ours can be so sly sometimes.

    Take care!

  4. Well, I guess it's some consolation that they're doing because they care about us, Indy Pindy. We could do without being laughed at, though!

  5. Mom hides ours in bananas

  6. Fiona - perish the thought! I love bananas and they are one of the few treats I am allowed to have.