Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This 1 Year Old Husky in Frederick, MD Needs A Home Soon!

This is Everest.
Click to enlarge She is a one year old Husky with lots of energy. Her original owner didn't really give her any training, and the family who adopted her returned her because they couldn't handle an energetic 1 year old Siberian. She's a typical Husky and loves to run. Here is her description from Petfinder:
Everest is one beautiful dog. She is a typical husky so husky-savvy folks should apply. Everest is a gorgeous runner. She wold be a wonderful jogging or hiking companion. Everest is a very loyal dog and bonds easily to one person. She will make some husky-lover a great life-long companion.
The email my mommy got said:"She has LOTS of energy and is a typical mouthy Sibe puppy and as such, no one is interested in her. The shelter doesn't think they will be able to adopt her out and are desperately searching for a rescue to take her."

If anyone has room and wants to welcome this little girl into their home, let us know and my mommy and I will help get her to you. Thanks!

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