Saturday, October 01, 2005

My Friend Brody Kneeded Surgery

In his knee - get it? He kneeded surgery..! Ok, well, here's the story:

Brody had to have surgery for a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left knee. He had his surgery on September 28th and will be recuperating in his foster home for at least 8 weeks. The cost of Brody's surgery is $1300. You can help Brody and other dogs in rescue who need special care by making a donation to the Toby Fund.

Mommy and I met up with Brody, his foster mom Kourtney, and Kelly and her Husky Kaya at a dogpark about a month ago. Brody seemed to have a good time, but suddenly he started limping badly. The poor guy! Well, Brody's foster mom Kourtney took him to get x-rays, and he needed some surgery to fix his knee. Poor guy. Hey, does 1-800-flowers make bouquets with doggie biscuits? I think I have a business idea!

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