Saturday, October 01, 2005

How I Celebrated My Birthday

Since Friday was my birthday but I won't have my birthday party at doggie daycamp til next week, and my parents didn't get me any special treats or anything, I decided I had to treat myself! Mom was at work (whatever thatis!) and dad went out to run some errands, he was gone for about 2 hours. Also, they still haven't gotten me a new crate! So I don't have my own room to hang out in!

So I decided that I needed to send a message. I found the plastic tupperware container that mom took some spaghetti to work in. It smelled interesting, like bolognese sauce! I got it out of the bag, pulled off the lid (without damaging it, thank you very much!) and licked it clean. Hey, I was doing them a favor and cleaning it for them! Then I noticed that dad had left the trash can open. Silly human! Right on top there was the bag from Five Guys where they had gotten hamburgers the night before. The grease from the hamburgers was stuck on to the tin foil and it wouldn't come off, so I just ate the tin foil. Then I took the bag to the middle of the living room and shredded it! Peices everywhere!Dad did not seem pleased when he got home. He ignored me for a while. And I did't even have a crate to go sulk in!

That night I had lots of runny poo. Daddy laughed because I farted...well, so what! Today my tummy didn't feel so good and I took it easy just laying took a picture of me and said I looked hung over...what does that mean?

Indy Hung Over

Indy About to Barf


  1. INDY!!! Is you crazy? Eating foil? Man, come get you a nice mouse or something!! (Thanks for sticking up for me!!) You look like you need some aspirin, or a vet...sorry your BAD PARENTS didn't get you nothing!

  2. Hi Oreo - my mommy called the vet and they said if I vomited more than once to bring me in. I haven't barfed yet, I just had runny poo a few times and my tummy made some funny sounds. Mom is not too happy with me, she said she has to check the runny poo for the tin foil to make sure it comes out. And she said that she couldn't give me birthday treats 'cause of my food allergies, blah blah blah. She said that's why I got some peices of banana on Friday, that was my treat. Well..last year I got a cake! Where's my cake now?

  3. BAD PARENTS...BAD! Ok, Michele's, go to go to the second post, I THINK, it's the extended meet & greet one. Post a comment saying hi to Michele & then go to the person who commented above you. Then the next person to comment comes to see you. It's fun, you meet lotsa new people!! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh Indy Pindy - You do look hung over, which I think means you overindulged in something that makes you feel good at the time, but makes you feel bad later. As a beautiful, sophisticated kitty cat, I, of course, have never been hung over, but I feel for you big guy!! Hope your tummy is better soon.

  5. Hi Miss Kitty,
    Yes, then I did feel very hung over...the spaghetti and tinfoil covered with hamburger grease was good at the time though! This morning my stomach was very upset, so mom gave me two pink Pepto tablets in some peanut butter. My stomach feels much better now, and no more runny poo!

  6. Indy,

    Sorry you over indulged and had to pay the price. When my tummy feels upset I tell my humans I need to go out in the yard and then I make like a cow and scarf down a bunch of the green stuff. In a couple of minutes I barf two or three times and I feel much better. Other times I eat the green stuff and then poop it out the next day. (But when I keep it in overnight I again make like a cow and produce a lot of that green gas or whatever they call it. When that happens my humans always have to leave the room. Weird.)
    You might want to try that the next time you 'accidently' eat something you shouldn't. The grass thing, not the gas thing.



    P.S. I wonder what all those squiggly words my typist has to type for verification mean? Must be cat talk.