Sunday, October 02, 2005

Take It Eeeeesy...

Mom was playing some music by a group called the Eagles, and they have a cool song called "Take it Easy". Mom said that is our motto for weekends. What's a motto? But I do like taking it easy on weekends.

Yesterday we went to my grandma's house, and there is a BIG fenced in yard, and my Uncle Joey's cat. I ran around in the yard and mom chased me a little. Then I played with Henny, Uncle Joey's cat. She likes for me to chase her, and she bops me in the head with her paws!

Then mom and I came home and mom cuddled with me on the floor. We fell asleep and Daddy took this picture when he came home:
Dad said we were very cute.


  1. AAAWWW. I like to put my body in Mom's face too! Sometimes I like for her to lay her head on me while we sleep.

  2. Mireille6:42 AM

    I love 'taking it easy'like this as well! Only mum and dad have gone and installed floor heating?! There go my nice cool tiles...

  3. Hi Janouk,

    yeah, I like laying on the kitchen floor 'cause it's nice and cool. Just do what I did and fake a heat stroke so your parents will buy you a cooling mat from's what I did, and it worked!