Thursday, October 06, 2005

Please Say Prayers for Indy

Posted by Indy's Mom:

Indy was alone for less than 10 minutes today, and pulled a backpack off of a chair and dug some medication out. He opened a bottle of Allegra D. We are not sure how many were in the bottle to begin with. He may have eaten between one and three pills.

I called the vet immediately, who gave me Animal Poison Control's number. They told us to give him 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, which we did. He vomited immediately, and then again about 5 minutes later. It was a pretty large amount, which is good.

We took him to the nearest emergency animal clinic and they started treatment immediately, gave him medication, put him on an IV, gave him charcoal, etc. They are keeping him overnight and they will be monitoring him very closely. The vet was great, she was very, very nice and seems to be really charmed by Indy. She said that 2-3 pills of Allegra D could be a lethal dose for a dog his size. I swear I almost fell over backwards. I only wish I knew how many pills had been in the bottle before he opened it.

She said that since the Allegra D is time release, he will need to be monitored for the next 24 hours, so in the morning before the emergency clinic closes we will pick him up and take him to the regular vet to be monitored there. The vet said that if anything changed for the worse they would call us, but no news is good news.

We saw him very quickly before we left, he was pretty doped up on all of the meds, and he was laying calmly and resting. We didn't want to get him upset so we kept it cheerful and quick. He put his paw up to the bars of the door and touched each of our hands, and I had to get out of there before I lost it in front of him and upset him.

So now we wait. I wanted to post this here so that all of the friends he has made through his blog could pray for him. I know it will help.


  1. I hope Indy is ok. Just today I heard of giving a dog hyd. peroxide to make them vomit anything they shouldn't have been eating. Last night I was playing with my dog & she tore a tendon, I felt really bad.

    Keep us updated on Indy!!!


  2. Poor Indy, we hope you are all right! We'll check back soon.

    --Leader Dog Willow & Stella

  3. AW, poor, poor Indy. I am saying purrayers for you right now. & don't do that ANYMORE!! You've scared the poop out of your Mommie! Please get well soon.

  4. Indy Pindy's parents - The two-legged one and I will be keeping Indy in our thoughts. He's such a big sweet dog. We really, really like him!!

  5. Misha, Lex, Fargo, Turbo & Aurora10:56 AM

    We're thinking about you!

    Misha, Lex, Fargo, Turbo & Aurora

    (and their human)