Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mom is Going to See Paul McCartney This Saturday!

Mom and Dad are going to a Paul McCartney concert this weekend! Mom is very excited. She keeps saying that she's going to hyperventilate or pass out or something as the concert gets closer.
Mom loves the Beatles, they are her favorite group. She has the boxed set of all of their albums digitally remastered on CD. A few months ago Daddy got her the Paul McCartney Live in Red Square DVD. I have to admit, it was very good music. She just talks abouti t more and more. Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul...Paul is such an amazing musician...Paul loves animals...Paul Paul Paul...


  1. I believe that he's now known as Sir Paul but I'm sure he wouldn't mind your Mom calling him Paul. He does seem like an exceptionally nice chap.

  2. Hi, Michele sent me. I hope your mommy has alot of fun at the concert.

  3. Oh I'm jealous. I'm a big Beatles Fan too!