Monday, November 21, 2005

Beware of the Dog Flu, and Good Thoughts for My Buddy Max

Hey everyone, especially in the Baltimore, Maryland area - 3 dogs recently pulled from the Baltimore City Animal Control Shelter are showing symptoms of what may be the dog flu. Tails of the Tundra is paying to have all three dogs officially diagnosed for health reasons, and to present evidence of the health hazard that could exist in the Baltimore City shelter.

One dog that was seized in the recent animal cruelty case was very sick and had to be rushed to the emergency animal clinic on Saturday night, but he is slowly getting better and he might be able to come home tomorrow. The other dog seized in that animal cruelty case is also showing signs, but her symptoms seem mild. A third female that came in as a stray to the Baltimore City shelter and was taken into foster care is also showing symptoms.

She stayed at my buddy Max's house early last week and Max is now sneezing and coughing. Everybody, please leave some nice "get well soon" comments for Max, Cody and their foster brother Hendrix so that they stay in good health. Unfortunately now we probably won't be able to have our Husky Christmas Party on December 10th, since if it is the dog flu, it can still be passed by air, or even by people, for several days after the infected dog begins treatment with antibiotics. I just hope my buddy and those poor rescue doggies all get better soon!

Here are some links to good information on the dog flu. If you live in the Baltimore, Maryland area, please exercise caution with your dogs.

Information Regarding Canine Influenza

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  1. That was very kind of you to mention your sick pals.

    Sent our well-wishes to them. Most importantly, we wish them a speedy recovery.

    Thinking of them.

  2. Saying purrayers for your buddies Indy. Sorry the woofies are gettin sick. Glad I'm a kitty...wait, I'm on a woofie blog...woofie flu....I gotsta go Indy!!

  3. Hopes & prayers to Indy's friends to hurry up & get better!

    Bad dog flu, bad!

  4. hope they have a speedy recovery.
    and feel better soon.