Monday, November 14, 2005

Master Manipulators

This post is a Public Service Announcement - I come to warn you all of one of the Husky's strongest powers - the ability to manipulate humans to get out of trouble, get special treatment (like sleeping on the bed), extra treats, another walk, etc. Huskies are experts at using the Innocent Face and the Sad Face. It's in our genes. It works especially well with blue eyes - for some reason, blue eyes seem to charm the pants off of most humans. The thing about Huskies is that they will combine several strategies (pouting, looking sad, throwing themselves to the ground and sighing heavily, or even giving you a charming, innocent smile) to get what they want! See the examples below:
In the photo above, Cody is opening his big blue eyes very wide. Everyhusky knows that the wider you open your eyes, the more innocent you look! He is also using the sad, forlorn look for sympathy. Everyhusky knows that if you look sad, then the humans will lavish attention and maybe even treats on you to cheer you up. Whatever, as if he has anything to be sad about!

Now, I know I have mentioned that Cody kept humping me at the dog park yesterday. Notice how when the camera is pointed at us, he is seen trotting innocently by my side and even smiling charmingly. Riiiight. He's guilty, guilty I tell you!

Here, my gimpy older foster cousin Amber also uses both the wide-eyed look and the sad face as a ploy for sympathy, attention and tummy rubs.

She even stooped to scratching her healing injury. This, of course, called attention to her injury, and cries of "What happened to her?" Auntie Lori explained that another dog hurt Amber, but she is okay now and in a great home. Several of the silly, gullible humans cried "Oh, you poor baby!" and she got at least 15 minutes of tummy rubs out of that. It was low, but it was brilliant, I have to give her beware, all of you humans - Huskies (especially gimpy rescue Huskies) can spot a softie a mile away and they will play you like a game of chase! Of course, I would never stoop to such tactics...

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  1. A Siberian is the most beguiling and loving dog. It has a great zest for life,
    boundless love in it's heart, and a mischievous spirit.
    It is classically beautiful,with friendly,spirit-filled eyes.
    A husky is most trustworthy around young children and small animals.
    It delights in their company and is a loyal wonderful companion for life.
    It is not prone to barking, but lets off a characteristic howl
    like a singing when making itself heard.
    They require low maintenance and do not eat large amounts of food.
    They are a very sturdy dog and are wonderful in the sports area
    Great in winter sports, they love to pull loads on skis and sleds; even in the summer,
    they will always pull and play.
    what an AWESOME dog,

  2. Thank you Sam! Yes, I love, love, love to play, and even though I am five, I still have a LOT of energy! So my mom takes me to doggie day camp twice a week so I can play with my friends, get lots of excersize and have fun. My two best buddies there are Huskies named Sebastian and Niko. They put all 3 of us in the same doggie suite at break time because Sebastian has bad separation anxiety and he feels better when we are with him. They people who work there call us the Three Huskyteers. Not all Huskies are good with small animals. If they weren't raised with cats, for example, they may try to hunt them. I have been around cats since I was very young, so I don't want to eat them, but I do love playing with them!

  3. Hm, must learn these tricks you speak of. Sometimes putting the bite on people just doesn't work.

  4. Awwww, you gotta admit Indy, Cody and Amber are awfully hard to resist. I'm sending you virtual pets and tummy rubs although my paws are so small and you're so big, you probably can't feel it.

  5. Wow, that last pic really makes me want to hug her tight.

    Lovely pics!

  6. Indy Pindy isn't part Ham by any chance is he, ha, ha! I think a pets eyes are always a window to their soul. You can always see at a glance if they are happy,sad, playful, sick, hurt, loved, or unloved by looking at their eyes.
    Indy has a much loved look in his eyes. I like to think all my pets have that same well loved look in their eyes! I wish all pets had a chance to be loved like that!
    I will be away from my blog for the holidays, I did one last posting today, but won't be back until after the Thanksgiving Holidays! You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will be back later after the holidays. Take care!