Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Five Dogs and Fourteen Cats in Baltimore City Shelter Due to Animal Cruelty Case

Things like this recent animal cruelty case in Baltimore are so upsetting. Click here to view the newscast and read the story (warning - this video shows severely emaciated dogs and shows officers carrying the remains of a dog out in a trash bag).

This is very upsetting, especially if a rescue is full and doesn't have room to foster more dogs. Tails of the Tundra has a foster home for one of these dogs, but we're not sure if we will have room for the others. The Baltimore City shelter is crowded and these dogs don't have much time. So I want to put the word out there for these poor doggies who have already had such a hard life.

I am crossing my paws for them, they deserve to go to good homes and be loved and well cared for so that they can put these terrible days behind them. A total of five dogs were seized from this woman's home, one of which was a purebred Husky, the other is a Husky mix. Animal Control officers also seized fourteen cats from the home. If anyone wants to foster or adopt one of these animals, the Baltimore City Animal Control Shelter's number is (410) 396-4694.

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  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

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  2. people who would hurt animals or kill them should go to jail why would you want to hurt one of god creatures, animal have right
    to live like us...this makes me sick to read, There are all kinds of sick people out there,And the one that get cought should not have right to own pets.

  3. If that is love to that owner, I sure wonder what hate would be. How anybody could do anything so cruel, yet I saw the same conditions in puppy mills I tried to rescue. They are always one step over the line of the enforcement which I don't understand.
    They should be heavily fined/jailed and NEVER permitted to own animals again!!!
    My prayers are with them and hope they recover and find good homes where they will be PROPERLY loved.
    That's sickening!