Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Buddy Max Riding In Style!

Have you ever seen a Husky ride around in a car while sticking his head out of the window? My friend Max does it and attracts a lot of attention while he does it! Click here to see it!

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  1. Neato! Momma has one of those in her monster with wheels but I can't seem to reach it to stick my head out...so, I stick it out the side window ;) Oh, while I'm here, I wanted to tell you Indy that I loves your profile picture! You're smiling!

  2. I wasn't able to see the picture or video but I bet it is cool.

    Oh hey Indy, you mentioned you pooped in a figure eight sometimes, I think you've invented a new sport - Figure Pooping! I'll try it out next outing and let you know what other geometric shapes are possible. :-)


  3. He LIKES to ride in the car?!?! WHAT? I knew you woofies were crazy!

  4. Cool!!! We all need to get together & go riding down the streets in our mommies cars! Then we could have our own "dog pack"!


  5. Cool husky!

    Great idea amstaffie! Imagine all the smiling faces from the passerbys.

  6. Now thats a neat car ride.

  7. cute picture!

    mom has a sunroof in her car too but i can't reach it to poke my head out. so the window will have to do. it would be cool if i could see another doggie with his head out the window in the car next to us.

  8. I am not tall enuf either so I clim on the seat backs for boost. I discovered the sunroof in my mommy's old car.When I was jsut a we pup. She used to ride around in the middle of hte winter with the roof open just so I could stick my head out.
    Ny big bro Cody thiugh, He is tall enuf to just sttand with his head out the window

  9. That looks like so much fun! And he has such a great doggy smile!