Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Max and Cody are on Now on Raw Diets Too!

My buddies Max and Cody are on raw diets too now! My mommy offered my old kibble to their mommy since she was putting me on my new diet. Their mommy asked about my new diet and mom sent her some information. Tonight their mommy emailed my mommy and wrote "So I tried to start the raw diet tonight. Cody and Max are just staring at the chicken." My mom wrote back and asked if they eventually ate the chicken. Their mom wrote back and said "No, I had to cook it a little. Cody just stared at the bowl until Max stole the chicken. Now he's running around with the chicken leg trying to bury it in the house. Then I let them outside to go to the bathroom and Kramer (the cat) stole the chicken and went to town with it."

Max, Cody, what is WRONG with you two??? This is chicken! Meat! The real deal! It does not get any better than this! Well, unless the humans happen to leave an entire raw steak out for us, but somehow I don't think that will happen.

Tonight I got two chicken necks for dinner. I thought, that was it? Chicken necks are pretty small, and I had played hard at school and I was hungry. Then mom put a nice juicy marrow bone in my crate. I laid down had stripped it clean in 30 minutes. Delicious!

Max, Cody - if you don't want your chicken, I'll take it!

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  1. Wait ...do you mean their mom cooked a chicken leg?

  2. She said she grilled the skin a little to get them used to it, but it was still pretty much raw. Tha Raw Meaty Bones book suggests that as a method to get kibble raised dogs used to their new diet.

  3. I did not even see the book that was my own idea.
    btw we will still tske the kibble because they are on half and half right now.
    Even the cat wanted the chicken. When the dogs ran out. Kramer the Husky Cat cmae RUNNING and I mean Running and pounced on the chicken and started eating it. i mean chick is his favorite food.
    I took the chicken away from max after he burried it in the curtains and cody then secied he wanted it. Ate most of it and then just laid in the middle of the floor Gaurding it.
    Eventually Max came back from outside and stole it again!
    Eventually it al got eaten.
    I still have a half a chicken for tonight.
    I spoke to my local butcher and he said he would sell me the scraps at $1 a lb that lots of people buy it that way!

    From Max and Codys MoM

    ps tonight we are goingt o try the egg

  4. I'll take "kibble, chicken, and what's on the counter" for $500, Alex.

    Honestly, I'm a Lab. We eat anything. Yesterday my buddy Jewel and I ate part of our Dogloo.

    Today perhaps we will eat another part of the fence. It's so yummy.

  5. Ah, I see! I misinterpreted it to say that Max and Cody's mom fed them a cooked chicken leg bone! Eek! But I see now. :) Sorry about that.