Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy Endings for Several Huskies

Wow, there have been so many Huskies that found new homes through Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue recently! I thought it would be nice to share some stories.

  1. Remember Athos? His owners were moving and didn't want to keep him, they wanted to put him down. He has cataracts and had broken a leg at some point and did not receive treatment. Well, he is going to a rescue group in Nova Scotia, Canada that takes special needs rescue dogs. There are a bunch of volunteers who are coordinating to take him from Germantown, Maryland all the way to Nova Scotia, Canada!
  2. Chako, a Husky who lost the use of his rear legs and now uses a doggie wheelchair, needed a new home. His owner travels for her job and the people who usually watched Chako while she was away could no longer watch him due to his special needs. With the help of some people from Tails of the Tundra, Chako's owner found an animal sanctuary that takes special needs cases that can't find homes anywhere else. She dropped him off there last week and he immediately made friends with another Husky that uses a wheelchair! He looked very happy. She misses him terribly, but she knows that he will have a wonderful home at the sanctuary for the rest of his life.
  3. Owner surrender dogs Crystal (now re-named Mishka) and Nikki came from different homes, their owners could not keep them due to moves and other reasons. Mishka and Nikki were adopted into the same home and have bonded and become very close, their vet thought that they had grown up together!
  4. Foster dog Frosty was adopted into a new home. Her family has sent a few updates about her. She's doing great and they are thrilled with her.
  5. Darya was returned by her previous adopters because their children chased her into corners and she barked at them. She has found her forever home with a family who has another Husky. She has a big, secure backyard where she can run and play with her new family!
  6. And the one that made my mommy and I SO happy - Dante's foster family is keeping him! They just fell in love with him and couldn't bear to have him go live in someone else's home, even thought it would be a good home. My mom and dad are now his Godparents, and if Dante could not stay with his family for any reason, he would come live with us. And now we'll still see him sometimes at Husky rescue events!

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  1. Hey Indy,

    Good news on the homeless husky front.
    The human woman and man will be abandoning us on Saturday morning to take the blind, gimpy Athos to his first hand off.

    I'm torn. Sure its nice that they're giving him a ride to a new home, but geez, when do they ever take us for a ride? Only to the evil vet! So, I'll be languishing in my crate with my tasty kong, impatiently waiting for them to get back and tend to my needs. sigh.

    Meeshka, feeling selfish today.

  2. It really warms my heart to know that there are good people out there willing to open their hearts and homes to animals in need. Way to go beans (and Indy too)!!

  3. Fine stories. And thanks for the great set of links.

  4. Wow, that is such great news! Our respects to all those wonderful owners and sanctuary.

    We wish Athos, Chiako, Mishka, Nikki, Frosty, Darya and Dante a long, happy and wonderful life in their new homes.

    Thanks for the info too!


  5. You Dude,
    What is with the raw chickens?
    It tasted good going down but not so good coming back up.
    I invited fellow blogger meeshka to Join us at out Play date. Don't know if she cn come yet or not but we'll see,

  6. Oh that would be so cool! I would LOVE to meet Meeshka, she inspired me to start my blog! She is one of my heroes! Now I'm going to be all nervous...!