Friday, November 04, 2005

My Grandma Is Supposed to Spoil ME!

So what is she doing giving Amber her own couch???!!! Yes, that's right...since poor wittle Amber was given up at age 8, then in foster care for 6 months because nobody wanted an older dog, then attacked and injured by her foster mom's dog (nobody knows why, there got along fine for 6 months), and she was shamelessly spoiled by her previous foster mom by being allowed to get up on the furniture, my grandma felt sorry for her, so she put an old blanket on the small loveseat in the basement, and Amber is allowed to be on that couch. Can you believe that crap???

Grandma - wake up and smell the Milk Bones!!! Of course Amber is going to try and make you feel sorry for her - she's all old and has that pitiful looking injury that is still healing, and her original owner didn't want her anymore, boo hoo hoo. So, not only does mom give the treats that I can't have because they upset my tummy (but that does not matter - they are still MINE!) to Grandma to give them to poor wittle pitiful foster dog Amber, but now Grandma gives Amber HER OWN COUCH! I a loss for words. Grandma, did I teach you nothing? Well, I guess not. My Husky pouting and tricks worked so well on her...of course she is not prepared for the artful manipulation of a pitiful foster dog who desperately wants a nice safe home to live out her life in. But STILL!

Well, this is not good. No, no it is very, very serious. I may have to consult with my friend Meeshka about this situation...

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  1. I know how you feel!

    Bro Mark gets to have the humans couch all for himself! Not only am I not allowed on it, my humans sit on chairs instead and lets him have it all to himself!

    Like your Grandma, they say that bro Mark is 16 now and should just 'let him be'. They even talk about buying a ramp for him so he can access the couch more comfortably!

    Huff! Woof!


  2. Aw, I's sorry for you Indy!! You should put the bite on them!!

  3. Indy,

    I've warned others of this horrible "rescue" thing. These dogs just come in, throw their tail of woe story at the humans, and those humans just bend over backwards to accomodate them. Giving them their own couches is just the first step. The same thing happened to me. First it was that silly adopted Sam with his hip replacement. He got all the goodies, and they even slept on the floor downstairs with him because he couldn't climb the stairs. Then it was that mutant pawed freak Loki. There's nothing wrong with that puppy, he's just got a stupid looking foot and yet they coddle him and let him hog the foot of the bed WHICH IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! Even the old guy Nova is getting in on the act, pretending to be all old and stuff, and they give him this really good food and human stuff, and help him up the stairs. What about me? I sure could use a hand going up the stairs sometimes because I'm too pretty to go up by myself. I might mess up my fluffiness.

    Sorry Indy, but no matter what you do, the "foster" or "adopted" ones always get the pity, always get the special attention. There's really nothing you can do to stop it. Sigh. Its a conspiracy, and one we must stop before its too late.