Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Mommy Is Starting To Feel Better

Well, yesterday the doctor told mommy that she had a nasty sinus infection and gave her some medicine to take. Poor mommy, she coughed a lot last night and couldn't sleep until real late, she stayed on the couch because she didn't want to wake daddy. I stayed with her.

Today she is feeling better, she is coughing a lot less and mostly sleeping. She promised that tomorrow I would go to school again. Yay!

Yesterday Grandma came at lunchtime and brough mommy some soup. Mommy gave her some of my old treats that I can't have anymore because of my food allergies. She gave away my stuff! Grandma took it home for Amber. Today Grandma called and said that Amber didn't like the treats, when Grandma offered her one, she turned her face away. What a good Husky sister she is!

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  1. Indy Thank you for letting me know
    that,all fixed,My mom is still learning and playing .feel better soon .

  2. Hi IndyPindy, I'm glad that your Mom is feeling better. Those sinus infections can be really nasty. I wonder what kind of treats those are that you're allergic to and Amber refused to eat. Sounds like the people who make the treats need to go back to the drawing board.

  3. I actually love those treats - they were all natural peanut butter treats, very healthy. I love them, but my tummy is very sensitive, so I can only have very few foods. I guess Amber thought those treats were too healthy to be good!

  4. Well that Amber sure doesnt take the biscuit!
    Thanks for dropping by earlier.


  5. You are one smart husky!

    Hi, Michele sent us!

    I'm sure grandma didn't mean to give your treats away, it was probably a mistake, but if she does it again, bite her! Just kidding!

  6. Hi Indy, those treats sound yummy! I bet Shasta would LOVE them. She loves EVERYTHING that I do. I'm sorry to hear you have food allergies, but glad your Mommy is watching out for you like you do her.
    I'm also glad she is feeling better today. I'm still not feeling well, but maybe tomorrow I will feel well enough to go to the walkin clinic.
    Shasta loved what you signed in the Cbox and even blushed. I think she has a crush on you. shhhh... that's a secret just for us.

  7. Good to hear your Mom is feeling better now! My human was ill too, but he's magically cured now :)

    the dormitory boys,

    Wowee, my humans love your vids! They say, thanks for making them (and many others) laugh.

    Later all!

  8. grandma treats are usually pretty good. My grandma gives out milk bones when I go to her house. I should say milk bone (singular) cause she is a but stingy on that one. Go figure. But my sidekick say that's just her jenrayshun, whatever the heck that is!


  9. Hey Indy,

    Glad your mom is feelin' better. Did you get any of the soup? I love it drizzled over my food. Yum! Remember that your mom may still be a little weak once she feels better. So be careful when you nuzzle her. You might push her over.

    My dad is feelin', too. If he wants to see the doctor about his back he has to call Colorado because that is where he got hurt. Of course, when he called it was their team day and everyone was out of the office. By the time he gets to the doctor he will be okay.

    It appears that humans that have bloggin' dogs get sick at the about the same time. Is that what they mean when they say 'computer virus'?



  10. Glad Mom is feeling better Indy. We're still purraying for her though. Sorry she gave away your treats. When she gets better you should put the bite on her for that!

  11. You must be a pure bred Husky because I know there's no Labrador in you! If there was, you'd eat anything and everything. I've only ever lived with Labs (well okay, one Lab in particular and now Rockwell) but that experience has forever made me wonder at dogs who are picky eaters or who actually decide not to eat something. If my Lab got into a bag of food, she would have eaten until she exploded. I used to say to her, "careful or there'll be bits of Lab all over the place!"

  12. Juliar, you are so right! Huskies can be very sly, clever, and manipulative - only in good ways, of course! Once I had a taste for Milk Bones and mom said I couldn't have them anymore and tried to give me these all natural healthy treats, most of them were just not up to my standards when it comes to flavor. I haughtily turned my face away, as if to say "I can't believe you insult me by offering such a bland and tasteless thing!"

    Huskies are famous for this. Many of use have even perfected the art of refusing our dog food for a few days, until our owners worry and make us boiled chicken and rice. Of course, after that, who wants dog food again?

    We definetely aren't Labs!

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