Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve Pictures

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve. Even though my mom made me wear a pointy Santa hat and made Amber wear the reindeer antlers.

click to enlargeIt wasn't so bad now that Amber has to suffer through it with me. Mom said "Amber doesn't seem to mind the antlers." Grandma said "Well, they're not that much bigger than her ears!"

Here I am opening my Kong Jack toy from my mom.
Click to enlarge Amber kept her paw on her toy, but she was kind of interested in my toy too.

Click to enlargeHere is Amber rolling on her back with her new favorite toy, it's a fetch toy that rolls.

Click to enlargeHere you can see me and Amber after we helped to unwrap all of the presents and shred all the paper and some of the boxes. It made it easier for Grandma to clean them up.

As you can see we had a GREAT Christmas! I hope everyone else did too!

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  1. Indy, I just love the last picture! Looks like you & Amber really had a blast! Glad you had a great Christmas!


  2. Awesome pics Indiana!

    I love to shred too, it's the least we dogs can do after the festivities are over.


  3. Those are very cute pictures! You guys were so nice to make it easier for your Gramma to clean up. I still like the hat....sorry!

  4. Indy ,
    We hope you got all you wished for at Christmas ,you look like you had a grand time with your new toys and treats,What great pictures.