Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Friend Brody and His New Family

On December 3rd, my friend Brody went to live with his new family. His foster mom was sad because she knew she would miss him, but she was just thrilled with the family who adopted him. They have another mellow, 10 year old Husky who is very much like Brody in personality and even in apperance! They are such nice people, they sent Brody's foster mom a Christmas card with a picture of them with Brody and their other Husky.
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Now THIS is why we love to be involved with rescue! Brody got a great gift for Christmas - his wonderful new family!

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  1. Christy3:16 PM

    Whoohooo Brody!!!! Big Hugs

  2. Congrats Brody!!!

    Puppy kisses!


  3. Like Brody, my cat, Akasha, had a foster Mom. The one that rescued her fron the briar patch and the ditch she and her litter mates were dumped in. Laurie, is her name and I am blessed for knowing her. We have kept in touch ever since I took Akasha into our home.That was 3 years ago. I just got a Christmas card from her yesterday and she is still rescuing pets that have been thrown away. I send her picturs of Akasha and the rest of my Cat pack, (and Jengibre of-course) a couple times a year and she says it makes her cry to see the difference she was able to make to Akasha's life and It was worth, the pouring rain, the briar and cat scratches and the several trips she made back to that ditch to rescue them all! God bless you laurie and all the other foster Moms out there like you and Brody's foster mom ... that have taken the time and lovin needed to care for these throw away pets until the purrfect or Woofinest parents come along! Merry Christmas to you all!!!