Friday, December 02, 2005

Singing for My Supper

Today when mommy got home she changed her clothes, turned up the heat, then opened some packages that came in the mail. Finally I had to start singing to remind her that she needed to feed me immediately!. Instead of feeding me right away, she went to get the CAMERA, of all things! Then she sat on the floor, pointed the camera at me and waited. Finally I had to complain!. Parents are so wierd!

(Click on the bold text to listen to me talk)
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  1. Awww Indy, what a mournful cry! It kind of sounded like you were saying "food now, food now." I hope your Mommy gave you a few extra morsels for your trouble.

  2. Human are always wierd!!
    Doggie are much more simple!!
    eat, sleep and play!!

  3. Poor Indy. The things you have to do for food. Isn't it enough just to be a husky?

  4. Indy! My humans say you sound just like the dog that used to live here before me. Kaiya was a Samoyed so I think she was your distant cousin. She used to talk ALL the time. But to me it doesn't sound like complaining. More like trying to get your human to be reasonable. I mean, come on, feed me already :)

  5. indy, your voice just sounds like my husky when she is hungry!!! ^_^

  6. I thought you were quite polite about asking for your supper. Just remember, Mommy pulls out that camera not because she's trying to irritate you and make you wait, but the opposite. She loves you and loves taking pictures of you talking. Mommy's are a special breed of humans. They are proud and although you might not understand, everything you do, is so thrilling to you. I bet she fed you right after, so was worth the wait.

  7. Oh Indy! You are SO expressive! Rockwell is pretty good at letting us know what he thinks but he does not have your vocabulary.

  8. Hey Indy,

    Guess your mom is feelin' better. Sure hope so. It's been a while. Crashin' computer and Turkey Day.

    Sing for your supper. What will we have to do next? I just sit and stare. The ole evil eye usually works. If not, then the chin gently placed on the appropriate leg. Then a good hard nudge as a last resort. I save my voice for talkin' to my toys, guardin' my castle or tellin' my lead carrier it's time for a walk.

    Or is this just your way of gettin' a screen test? Aha! I think you need to send your tape to Simon or Animal Planet. Isn't there a show called 'Animal Idol'? Maybe a reprise on David's show. Arf,arf!

    Maybe you should start hidin' some food behind the frig or something.

    My vet told Dad to put me on a diet! Can you believe that?!!!!! ME? I weigh the same as I did last year. Somethin' is goin' on here. You havin' to sing for your supper. Me on a diet. Does your mom know my vet? A CONSPIRACY! I KNEW IT!

    Hang in there, Indy.



  9. I know what you are really saying !@#$$%$%^^&
    HEE HEE. Hey indy U think its gana snow today? I think so. Even my Kitty is acting up. Runnin garound the house howling like a husky!

  10. Now dat vas da call of da vild! For sure!