Thursday, December 01, 2005

Amber is Officially My...Aunt...Or Something!

Hey, I forgot to mention an important event that occured last Saturday - my grandma and grandpa decided to officially adopt Amber last Saturday! They are filling out the paperwork and she has been taken off of the Tails of the Tundra Web site. Yaaaaay! She's pretty cool, and I'm glad she's found her furrever home. She is a fun playmate, we had a good time hanging out together in the yard and wrestling in the basement. So Amber is at grandma and grandpa's house to stay! Mommy got her a nice leather leash for Christmas and I got her a stuffed squeaky toy. Yaaaaaay!

Welcome to the family Amber!

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  1. Congratulations to Amber on finding a loving family to take her and her ears in. Congrat to you too, Indy. You're lucky to have a new auntie.

  2. Arrrrroooo,
    Way to go Amber,You have someone to play with Indy.

  3. hello your dog is beautiful! I have one at home as well! I just love husky!!! ^_^

  4. That's super news!!

    Please give Aunt Amber and especiall Grandma and Grandpa a hug for us!

    Wishing them a fantastically happy time together.

  5. Way to go !!

    Amber has a new home !!


  6. Amber is a beautiful addition to the family and I'm glad your gramma and grampa decided to adopt her. The fun you will have teaching her. She couldn't have come into a more loving family.

  7. Who, Couldn't love a face like that! Great to see another happy ending or should I say "a new happy begining!!"

  8. AWESOME!! Congratulations Amber (and Indy)!

  9. All I can say is "look at those EARS"!!

  10. what a good looking dog!

    nice blog, i will add it to my roll eventually