Friday, December 30, 2005

Update on Clementine

Remember Clementine, I posted about her two days before Christmas? She was running out of time at an Animal Control shelter in New York. Her time was up on the 23th at 5pm. Well, at 4:30 on the 23th, a man came to the shelter and asked if they had any Huskies. He visited with Clementine and adopted her! The shelter was hesitant, they usually don't think it's a good idea for people to adopt a dog right before the holidays or to give them as gifts, but the man had had a red and white Husky before, and was looking for another Husky. He was thrilled to find another red and white one! Many wishes to Clementine for happiness in her new home. And thanks to that nice man for finding her in the nick of time!
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  1. Once a Husky slave, always a Husky slave.

  2. Hey Indy,

    That is soooo coool! Good on that human!