Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Beatles History

My mom and I are HUGE Beatles fans. On January 11th, 1964, the Beatles' first U.S. album called "Introducing The Beatles" was released in the United States. In February of 1964, they made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Paul is the Cutest!


  1. Beatles again! I already told Heidi that I EAT beetles. And everything else. That's what Labs do, mom says.

  2. We just watched the Ed Sullivan shows with the Beatles on them. Awesome and really big shoooooows every one!

    Oh and Splash, thanks for the tip, I'll try some beetles.

    We missed ya, yeah we missed ya - ALL the Beatles missed ya (James Coburn) now what movie was that??????


  3. Hey Indy,

    Just so happens that we are listin' to 'Beatles-A-Rama' on the net right now! 'Yes It Is' is playin'. Dad first heard this single when he lived in Kano, Nigeria way back when. British music was about all he heard then.

    See the followin' site to learn a bit more about the 'Introducin'... the Beatles' vinyl:

    Cal, Our Man Flint?