Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Black Lab Lost On Route to Reunion With Family After Katrina

My mom got an email about this. Anyone in/around Route I-68 in Maryland, please read this:
Anyone who may be traveling along I-68 in Maryland:

Please be on the lookout for a black lab named Sadie who was lost after the vehicle she was traveling in rolled over on I-68 at mile marker 21 near Granstville, Maryland at 10:00 am, 12/30/05. She is a Katrina dog who was on her way to be reunited with her family when the transport vehicle rolled over.

Three other dogs and the human occupants are all OK, but Sadie was lost. If you find her, please call 818-406-7923. This was on news station NBC 25 in Hagerstown, Maryland.
It would be so nice to find Sadie and reunite her with her family after all she's been through! Everyone near I-68 keep your eyes peeled!
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  1. HEHEHE, He's the one told me to put it on there!! He's hoping to get a date out of it, I think! :)

  2. Hey Indy,

    Glad the other dogs and the humans are okay. I sure hope Sadie is found. I was in a similar situation, lost on the street. It was not fun. And at this time of year. Brrr!
    Please keep us posted.

    All the best of luck to Sadie.