Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Series of Mishaps

My mom says I have a lot of mishaps. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I found out that it means "bad luck or an unfortunate accident".

Yesterday mom picked me up from Day Camp and then we stopped at the store. She rolled my window down a little so I could sniff the air, and she went in to get a few things. She came out, got in the car, and pulled up to the curb at the front of the store. She pushed the "unlock" button that unlocks all of the doors and closed the driver side door. Well, mom forgot that if the car is running, when you close the door it automatically locks all of the doors. So there we were - the car was locked and running, and I was in the passenger seat with only two inches of open window. Fortunately daddy was home and walked over with another key.

So then we were driving home and I stuck my nose out the window to sniff. Right then it started raining so mom rolled the window up. It caught me by suprise and I am embarassed to say that I got a little stuck. Mom said "Oh baby, I'm sorry! I thought you knew to move!" and rolled it down some more. Well, I was busy sniffing! I avoided her for a while for embarassing me in public like that.


  1. owww- hate when that happens! Humans and their mechanical devices.

    And they are so impatient - my sidekick almost slammed the back hatch of the truck on my tail yesterday. I oughta . . .


  2. I have a lot of mishaps too, but usually it is something like this: OW! "oh sorry Splash did I poke you in the eye again while trying to pet you?" or OW! "Oh sorry Splash I didn't know you were there did I kick you in the head by accident?" or OW! "oh sorry Splash, did I step on your foot again?". I guess I could stand further away from mom (might be safer), but then, well, I'd be further away. So I just live with the pain. Noble Splash.

  3. Hey Indy,

    Oh, the dogmanity! Just goes to show that you are sittin' in the wrong seat. We dogs need to be behind that round turner thing. I think that is where all the buttons and stuff are. Although it is fun pretendin' to be Captain Kirk and tellin' everyone else where I want to go.

    Warp! Warp!

    Freda, in a galaxy far..No. Wrong channel.

  4. Poor Indy. We should be in that Lemony Snickets movie...get it...A series of Unfortunate Events..HEHHEHE

  5. At least your mom did it to you. I have rolled my own head up in the window 2 different times. It was really scary. Mom almost drove off the road. One time I even clawed at teh ahndle just right so the door came open. we were stopped though so that was not that bad. Then my mom put the child saftey lock thingy on I cant open the door no more.

  6. Oh no! Hope your nose is fine. Your Mom didn't mean it though as I'm sure you know.


  7. I think all sibes have mishaps. Booker and Fritz have their share too. Once booker got his head caught in between two rails of our deck. Poor thing. He was really scared.

  8. Those humans! What can you do?
    At least with the old fashioned “arm-strong” method of rolling up windows, you would have known to move your nose and had time to do it. Power windows! Bah.

  9. Those power windows are weird! My people just got a Scion Xb so Holly and I would have more room. I surprised them by figuring out how to roll down the window when we were at a busy intersection.