Saturday, February 11, 2006


Thank goodness, it finally snowed today! And the best part is - IT'S STILL SNOWING!!!.

My wonderful mom took me to my grandma's house so that Amber and I could play in the snow. We had SO much fun! Here are some pictures.

click to enlarge
click to enlargeIn this one, Amber had been laying next to me, but when mom took the picture, Amber got up and her butt was facing the camera, so mom cropped her out of this picture.

click to enlargeMom posed us for this picture. You can see we are not thrilled.

click eo enlargeWe look happier in this one. Isn't this a nice winter scene?
click to enlargeWe both smelled something interesting in the snow.

I hope we get a LOT more snow tomorrow. I hope all of my blog friends are having fun!


  1. Great pics...I'm jealous! I so love the snow. But here in Idaho, the flowers are peeking up out of the snow now, have to wait till winter! In the 3rd pic it looks like Amber is catching snowflakes on her tounge!

  2. Hey, where's my snow? Your pictures are lovely, I want some snow to play in too! Wait...there's a little snow coming down now, maybe it'll really dump overnight!

  3. We've hardly had any snow, not that I want to go out in it being a cat, but I do like to watch it. You look like you had lots of fun...and such nice pictures!

  4. You look so natural in that snow. Where's the sled? You'd look great pullin' a sled. Indy to the Iditerod! Hey that sounds like a movie or something. Or a radio series. Or a podcast. Or maybe a fireside story. Or a folk song. Or, or , or . . . ahhhhh never mind. :)


  5. That is so cool. There are all kinds of goodness underneath all that snow. You and Amber should dig it all out. And we want video too, not just pictures. With sound to capture the husky snow song.