Saturday, February 11, 2006

Flinging Turf!

I have an odd little ritual that has developed over the last several months. After I go potty (either #1 or #2) I take a few steps, and then vigorously fling turf with my hind feet. Mom used to just laugh at me. She said I was doing it wrong - I took a few steps and was flinging turf that didn't have any of my #1 or #2 in it, so what was the point?

Well, we do live in a civilized society, and in a pretty nice neighborhood. I know that the neighbors would not be happy with me if I flung my #1 and #2 and soil all over the parking lot. The turf flinging is more of a symbolic gesture - this neighborhood it MINE! This is MY territory! Other dogs will know -


And most importantly - this is MY potty spot!

Last night it was really cold out, and I sensed that we may get some snow in the near future, so I was very excited and was more energetic than ever while flinging turf. A clump of turf landed on the hood of a parked car! Daddy laughed and said "Good range!" I'm not sure what that means. Humans are so odd.

I wonder if they will add Turf Flinging to the Olympics?


  1. Targ is a Turf Flinger.. and he takes a few steps too.. I don't know of any dog (personally) who flings his poo .. they all fling by their poo...

    Targ also flings dirt on a recall.. but I think he is just so excited to be released from his recall that he digs up a few divots!

  2. Holly likes to poo in mulch or tree bark and do this kicking. It's funny because she always times it to hit the member of our human staff who is bending down to clean up after her!

  3. I do this to my mom too! She got annoyed becuase it would hit her pants at the knee while she was scooping my poop. Now she waits until I'm done flinging turf - she's a wiley one!

  4. Indy, you have me howling in laughter and I'm not even a dog! You are absolutely right and that's why it's called 'turf flinging'. If it was #1 or #2, it would be 'who flung pooh'.