Friday, February 10, 2006

Want Something Knitted Out of Your Pet's Hair?

Several of my blog friends said that their humans may be interested in having something knitted out of their fur. The lady in the Husky rescue who spins yarn and knits things out of pet hair referred my mom to VIP Fibers in Morgan Hill, California. They have an excellent web site with a lot of information, from the best way to collect and store your pet's hair, a guide for how much hair you will need to collect for various items (scarves, cardigans, etc.), and their fees (which my mom thinks are very reasonable). On their main page, they also have a list of breeds whose fur they can spin into yarn - neat!

Hey Cal!

Yes, my fur is soft and silky. And VIP Fibers does make yarn and knit things out of Collie fur!


  1. Thanks for the info Indy, I'll pass that along to my mom. I could give her my fur so she could have something made for herself as a christmas gift from me!

  2. You know Indy, I knew a woman years ago that used pet hair to make tapetrys. What a wonderful work of art that was.
    So, if she could use it for weaving, I don't see why not knitting.
    Unfortunately for me I don't knit, but if they could make it into frabric, I do sew. LOL
    Wouldn't that look cute with an APBT wearing a Husky sweater? Maybe we could fool the government and get rid of of that aweful muzzle. *giggle*

  3. I think that's strange, but then mom has saved some of MY fur! =sigh=

  4. I think that's really neat. Mom says people used to make mourning jewelry out of people hair, so this can't be any stranger. I just hope Mom doesn't get any ideas about shaving me to get lots of fur at once!