Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Mom is Saving My Fur to Make a Scarf!

There is a lady in our rescue who spins Husky fur into yarn and then knits things out of them and auctions them off online to raise money for Save Our Siberians Siberspace Rescue Fund. Pretty neat idea, huh?

Well, my mommy thought she would like to have something knitted out of my fur that she could keep forever and ever. She also thought it would make a very soft and warm scarf, and that it would be very pretty since I have such silky, beautiful reddish-brown fur.

So my mom asked this lady how much fur she needed to save. The lady said to save two big paper grocery bags full of fur. She said if you save it in a plastic bag it will smell really bad later. She said not to mash it down or else the fur would need to be carded. So my mom will save the hair and then send it somewhere to have a scarf made. Neat! See, not only are we beautiful, loyal, entertaining and smart, we can also provide you with warm clothes! I wonder if the ancient Chukchi people used our fur to make clothing and blankets?


  1. Thats pretty cool! My mom thought about doing that with my fur, but I don't like to be brushed! I should tell her that she can take all of the fur out of the vacume after she is done and use that! We should see if there is someone in Idaho knows how to make things out of fur!

  2. Great idea - the dog that lived here before me (TDTLHBM) named Kaiya was a Samoyed. Around here people use Samoyed fur they brush out of dogs to make mittens and scarves too.

    What a great idea. The fur from my mane in front would be good but the rest of it is pretty coarse.

    Is your fur smooth Indy?


  3. Sorry for the long absense, but we're back!

    That's a great idea - do make sure to post the scarf up!

  4. wow.. with me having 6 dogs, I could soon make a coat..

    haha.. what do u mean must spin and knits, I am already sleeping with their fur all over the bed.

  5. Hi Indy! My mom saved a big bag of my fur this last shed, too She says there's a woman on Pettalk who also spins husky fur, too. Aren't we huskies useful?

  6. How awesome! I wish my kids had fur that was long enough.. it's too short to get a twist on.