Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Numa Numa!

This is so funny and bizarre I just had to share it! The Numa Numa Dance is my new favorite thing - it ALWAYS makes me laugh! This guy is having so much fun!

Click here to see the Numa Numa Dance.


  1. Indy, can you do the Numa Numa dance. I just can't do it or get my human to do it!


  2. Oh my eyes my eyes. Why did I click on that? Woof!

  3. Thanks Indy!!!

    Now all I do is sit in front of the magic typer and sing and dance along with Gary and O-Zone. (See my blog.) A great aerobic workout. Now if only I can get my typist to give me more room...

    Allo! (Woof!)


  4. Cal,
    I can't do the dance Gary does, but I do get excited and jump around and get the zoomies. It's a fun song! I'll see if I can learn to say "allo"!

  5. I just peed on the floor that was so funny!

  6. Thanks for the excercise Indy. That had me dancing and Shasta came and danced/licked with me. *giggle* Why she has to lick when we dance I will never know. Her being your kind, can you PLEASE tell me why?