Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Cousin Vito

My cousin Vito is moving to the United States! Right now he lives with my mom's cousin Gino and his wife Kristine in Armenia, they are stationed there with the U.S. Foriegn Service. At the end of February they will be moving to Silver Spring, Maryland!

Here is a picture of Gino's mom when she visited them petting Vito:
Click to enlarge
Vito also has a Dogster page, there are some really cute puppy pictures of him there. I can't wait to meet him - I hope he likes to wrestle!


  1. I'm sure he will love to wretle! I love to try and wrestle with everyone I meet, big or small!

  2. Indy? Do you have a dogster page? How 'bout you coming and being my pal? I'll give you lots of bones!!!
    *woof* Shasta
    Vito is good looking, but I only have eyes for you! BOL