Friday, March 10, 2006

Calling Murse Indy

My mom had a bad mygrain selfishgrain last night. I was a very good murse (I went to day camp yesterday and had plenty of excersize, so I didn't mind that she didn't feel like going for a long walk).

A "murse" is a male nurse. I don't know why, but most humans think that nurses are women. So a male nurse can be called a "murse".

But I was a very good murse. I laid down right next to the couch where mommy was laying down. She took her mygrain selfishgrain medicine, turned off all the lights and the TV and laid down on the couch. I laid right up against the couch so that I could keep an eye on her. When she got up to go to the potty, her head hurt so bad it made her a little dizzy, so I escorted her to the potty, waited outside, and then escorted her back to the couch. I sure hope my mom doesn't have any more selfishgrains!

Mom is going to go with my Auntie Lori on a Husky adoption tomorrow. I can't go because mom said I would get bored waiting around. Too bad, I won't get to see my friends Maxx, Cody and their foster brother Hendrix! I hope Hendrix gets adopted tomorrow, but if he does I'll miss him, and I know Auntie Lori will be very sad to see him go.


  1. I'm sooooooo proud of you Indy!!!! You are such a talented boy and now you are even a nurse!!! I bet that made Mommy feel soooo good that you did such a terrific job.
    I wasn't thinking you were bad Indy. NEVER! I love you too much to think you could EVER be selfish, even with the "selfishgrains".
    Human like to tell doggies they love that are smart enough to understand, like you, the human opinion on things. That's all.
    I hope your friends find a forever home and I know you will miss them very much. We do want what's best for them right?!
    Hopefully they will get a great mommy just like you have...well, at least close. *hugs*

  2. Hmm, "murse" - I'll have to think on that one.
    Sorry about the headache AND Indy just told me you fell down and went boom. Well maybe not "boom" if it was your knee - I went boom 'cause I fell on my sit-upon. Let's cheer for Spring to hurry up!