Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Husky Bloggers Unite!

Hey, I just noticed that I now know of EIGHT Husky bloggers! They are all in my links on the sidebar of my blog:

Raisa the Husky in Brazil
Turbo the Husky
WoofWoof the Husky
Meeshka's World
Husky Adventures in Human Land, Maxx and Cody's blog
The Tropical Husky
Greetings from the Cyber-Sibes
Maya the Husky in Brazil

Pretty neat, huh? We could start our own Husky Blogroll!


  1. Great Idea!
    We could also try to buid a Husky Ring... It could be called "Cool Husky Ring" or sth like that?

    Anybody know how to build a Ring? I have tried the Webring, but their banner messed up my blog and shows lots of adverts with it :S

  2. Everybody knows that huskies talk a lot. But we blog too!

  3. We can look into the ring thing and see what we need to do. Our human won't be working Friday, so we can probably make her do it.

  4. Caroline Werle3:39 AM

    Hi IndyPindy,, I just wanted to say this is one of the best blogs on the internet...I lost my best friend, KC November 20, 2004. She had a bad heart. I had her since she was 6 months old, sort of a resuce, her owner didn't want her anymore. We went everywhere together, hiking, the store, the dog wash. I always took her for a wash on her birthday, and then she could pick out a treat which meant sniffing the aisle that had the bones down low. She was even on tv once. Well I'm glad to have found your site, keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more adventures!
    Caroline Werle

  5. Indy, Indy!
    Mummy created a Ring for us!
    Check it at my Blog!!!
    I hope your Mum does not mind that Mummy stolen the title of the post to name the Ring?
    Kind liks!

  6. Ah! I forgot!
    Mummy said she may have a spare time this weekend - she has just delived some work to the editor and it may work as a calmative there, hehe!
    You can e-mail pics and give some ideas about colours, layout and this sort of stuff to my email:

  7. Isn't Dogster just the greatest!!! Shasta has found many of her kind too and many of them and some of the other breeds mommy's and daddy's are fighting the BSL too.
    She has fun talking to them, plus it helps with the cause too.
    Have fun with all your Husky friends!!!!

  8. HI! Indy. My name is RAFV. Your blog is super! Very interesting.