Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Update on Diamond With Her New Family!!!

A wonderful happy update! Remember Diamond? Well, she lives with her new dad and her new brother Spirit! Here they are hanging out on the couch. Don't they look like they have lived together all their lives?

Aren't we cute???

This made my mom and all of our friends in the Husky rescue very, very happy!


  1. This is a lovely pic. Indy and Diamond look so cute!
    I'm glad Diamond has got a family!!!
    Kind liks :P

  2. Such a beautiful breed. If I was big enough, I'd play with Indy and Diamond!

  3. She is sooo beautiful. I'm so glad she got rescued. It makes you wonder why humans bother to get doggies if they can't consider being responsible for the life of them and learn their needs.
    Her and Spirit make a wonderful brother and sister team.