Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rescue Me

So, here is what's going on with me. There was a white female Husky in danger in the Baltimore City shelter, but my auntie Lori, Max and Cody's mom, took an approved adopter for Tails of the Tundra to see her and he fell in love with her and adopted her! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! And thank you to MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral - they were planning to go get this girl if she wasn't adopted. Isn't she pretty?
Pretty Diamond
Now guess why she was in the shelter and in danger of being euthanized? Here's why:
Diamond is a white purebred Sibe with two blue eyes. She's been in and out of Baltimore City because her owners were too stupid to contain her (or allegedly neighborhood children let her out - way to watch your dog, people!) and now they don't want her back. Baltimore City holds dogs for 3 days before euthanizing.
I don't know how old she is... she is very friendly but a typical Sibe in that she is hyper and, gee, needs supervision.
Can you believe that? According to our voluneer who evaluated Diamond yesterday, she was as sweet and friendly as can be. The shelter staff said she showed no aggression of any type including food aggression, and was very friendly when staff entered her kennel. They said she walked nicely on a leash and took treats well. She appears to be house trained since she refused to go potty in her kennel and was holding it. When they brought her out for our volunteer to evaluate, she went potty a LOT - the poor thing had been holding it for hours!

There are 3 Huskies that were adopted out by Tails of the Tundra that may be coming back into the rescue - one because she bit her owner. But here is the story: her owner left cookies out on the counter and left a two year old Siberian Husky loose in the room. She came back into the room, found the Husky eating the cookies in her crate, and pulled her out of the crate and smacked her in the face. She then shook her finger in the dog's face, and the dog bit her. It wasn't a bad bite - two puncture wounds on the thumb, nothing that needs stitches. But the dog was startled and scared. She was afraid that she was going to get hit in the face again. So people from Tails of the Tundra offered to come out and work with the owner and the dog. But they may want her out soon.

The other two were adopted out a few years ago. Their owners said that they would have to move out of the US in about a year, but they wanted to start trying to find a new home for the dogs as soon as possible so that it wasn't left until the last mintue. That was about 2 or 3 months ago. Last week they said that they are putting their house on the market next week, and that their realtor said that it would be easier to sell the house if they didn't have two large dogs. So they want us to take them now. Even though we don't have the foster space. So my mom and dad are thinking of being a short-term emergency foster home in case these two doggies have nowhere to go. We can't let Tails of the Tundra alumni go to shelters! So I may have a temporary house guest. I feel okay with that. I know I am mom and dad's number 1 boy, and I don't want these doggies to have nowhere to go either.

If anyone who reads this lives in the MD, PA, or NY areas and knows of anyone who would like to volunteer as a foster home for Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, please have them email my mom at and she will tell them what to do. Thanks!


  1. You need to get to a news room.A talking dog is fantastic,A here's me thinking that humans were the only folks to be able to blog! Hold the front page!

  2. White purebred Sibe? Gorgeous!

    This is great news, and such a coincidence that we too have rescued a lost doggie and found her owner!

    Sounds like a great week.

  3. I dont' understand people... why adopt a dog to only give him/her up in two years. We have wanted to move to Europe for years but will not put our dogs in Quarantine for three months.. so here we still are...

    and as far as it being harder to sell a house with dogs? well that is just foolishness.. When you leave the house to let the prospective buyers in, take your dogs with you!

    *sigh* I wish I could take one of your dogs... I'll keep an ear out for you.