Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's New With Me

So this is what's been going on with me. First of all, a complaint:

My mom has been sick with mygrains. As my friend Meeshka pointed out, when humans have mygrains they are very selfish and just lay down a lot, and we don't get our usual attention. So I call them her "selfishgrains". I was horribly bored over the weekend, even though mom did take my to Grandma's to play with Amber when her selfishgrain got better for a little while on Sunday. Thank GOODNESS I got to go to day camp yesterday and play with my friends!

Yesterday at day camp they had a party for something called Mardi Gras. I don't know what that is, but the day camp counselor gave us all some bead necklaces and put some jazz music on. It was fun. When mom picked me up from day camp and saw my bead necklaces, she said "I hope you weren't showing people your privates to get those necklaces!" I have no idea what she meant - I'm always wearing my fur. Humans are so wierd.

My pal Turbo from Dogster now has a blog, so there is another Husky blogger on the web! He's dark red and white like me, which means he's a handsome boy! Check out his blog!

The 'ssential oils are really helping my skin. Mom has been putting them on my itchy spots every day, and my skin is looking better and I'm scratching less and less! I also get less goo in my eyes (mom calls them eye boogies and wipes my eyes, I hate that!), so mom thinks the 'ssential oils are really helping my allergies.

That's about all for now. Blog later!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Indy.

    Tell your human I hope her selfishgrains get better. Our human doesn't get those, but she does occasionally talk about a "pain in her behind."

  2. Hey Indy,

    I'll try again. Blogger just wiped out my one two, one two (first and second) attempts. Glad I saved them.

    Sorry to hear about your mom's shellfishgrains. My mom has them too. One day last week she was in bed all night and all day until one two, one two (5) at night. I guess those grains reeeeelly hurt.

    Dad is fightin' with the allagrees. I think they should call them disagrees cuz they reeeelly disagree with him. When he is sick there are fewer tummy rubs, fewer treats and fewer walks from Dad, but then Mom takes over. So...apparently I don't need Dad, but he does help me type.

    Glad to hear about Casper. 'That's Grrrreat!', as Tony would say.

    Are you goin' to follow the Iditarod race? If you don't have the address it is It starts 4 March. If I they took treats and toys I might consider payin' for their 'exclusive' coverage.

    I don't think I could pull a human that far. I have enough trouble pullin' my humans around here! Would you like to be up there mushin' around?

    Yesterday, one of my Dad's ants or aunts(?) had a one two, one two (triple) crossover around type thingy at her human vet's place. I guess her heart was clogged or somethin'. I think she wasn't takin' her Heartgard. I sure hope she gets better.



  3. Sorry to hear your Mom's got the selfishgrains - though I'm sure she didn't want them.

    Day school + party sounds great! Even without the public exposure :D

    Good news galore! Your itchiness being cured and that Casper is home again. Let's hope for some more.


  4. That's AWESOME!

    What ssential oils did your mom pick to use?

    I'd love to know so I can share info with my doggie friends.

  5. Mom gets those pains too. I lay down on the bed with her and that seems to make her feel better. Got your question. It was the first picture under the blog. I was also looking in mom's purse. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see my wet fur better.

  6. I'm glad those oils am working out ok. I was gonna offer to come and give you a bath! Not the baths that our beans give us but a Timmy bath! Indy, I can't a'member if I said this already but you said some really nice things about Tangie and it maked me and Momma smile. Thanks. Oh and about the selfishgrains...Momma gets them sometimes too. Just kinda lay up against her side, it might make her feel better. It's what I do to Momma when she gets them.

  7. Glad your itchiness is gone, and I hope your mom's mygrains stay away as well.

  8. Camp sounds like fun, Indy. Sorry your Mom had selfishgrains tho. My Mom gets them too and she's sooooooooo boring when she does. What kind of 'ssential oils does your Mom use on your itchy spots? 'Ssential oils are sposed to be good stuff. I'm glad they're helpin you lots!

  9. Oh Indy! I'm so surprised at you!!! When humans get migraines, it's one of the worst pains you can get, so Mommy needed to lay down in a dark quiet room, not because she was being mean and trying to ignore you. She was in real pain. You are so lucky you don't get them...and that was so sweet of mommy taking you to see Amber. I think you should go and give mommy some big wet licks. After all...didn't she make you feel better with your allergies?
    You are a handsome boy, but you know, if mommy didn't care for you so well, you kust could be bald and THEN what would Amber think of you then? Hmmm...? Something for you to think about.
    I still love you though, just try to understand humans a little more.

  10. Ouch! Auntie also has these "selfishgrains", and terrible ones which sometimes last for days. It is because she works too much on her PC. She is crazy: she uses the computer to work, and when she wants to relax she uses the PC too!!!